Maryland Bouldering Videos

As much as I love a good photo, seeing a climb in motion gets me way more pumped!  Below you'll find links to several Maryland bouldering videos, as well as select route climbing videos and a couple others that locals have put together from their road trips.  There are also a few more that I haven't added yet due to access issues in those climbing areas, but I may eventually add them as well.  If there are any I've missed, or if you upload any new footage, let me know so I can link it here.  Happy viewing!

The Acre
-A Day at The Acre
-A Walk in the Woods
-Crimps for Breakfast- Two beta variations
-Crimps for Breakfast
-The Acre (my sampler video)
-The Acre

-Alberton Rd. Boulders

Bushwhack Rocks
-A Day at Bushwhack- Lost in Search, Tourette's Razor, White Lightning, Flipping the Switch
-Bouldering Beyond Bushwhack
-Bushwhack Revisited (Tourette's Razor, Stank,Stunk!, Constructive Winter, Tauntaun Sleeping Bag)
-Bushwhack Trio (Bitterness & Shadows, Atonement, and Stink, Stank, Stunk!)
-Constructive Winter
-Fall Leaves and Talus Pits (Crystal Odds and  Flipping the Switch)
-Flipping the Switch
-Fresh Start & Modest Changes
-Full Atonement
-Golden Era Sunrise
-January 29th, 2012 (10 problems)
-Life is Beautiful
-Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Superbowl
-Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Superbowl  (slightly different beta)
-Problems Next to Tourette's Razor
-Skip the Razor
-Stank, Stunk!
-Stink, Stank, Stunk!
-Steps on the Path (Flipping the Bird)
-Sulfur Mine
-Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
-Tourette's Razor
-Tourette's Tantrum
-Tourette's Tantrum, Tourette's Razor, Tourette's Dyno
-Two More From Bushwhack (Drunken Hamster Style and Mr. Miyagi)
-Unnamed seam problem on Tourette's Boulder
-Westermarck Effect
-You're Doing it Wrong

Eden Brook
-Eden Brook Bouldering

Fork Run
-Fork Run Bouldering (Lynn Hill Cave, Face Off Arete, 360 Boulder)

Great Falls
-Boulder 13 Anglers' Inn
-Bouldering at Great Falls, MD (Double Slap)
-Crag X Anglers' Inn
-Great Falls National Park (MD side)
-Great Falls National Park (MD side) Part 1
-Great Falls National Park (MD side) Part 2
-My Kneebar Addiction

Gunpowder Falls
-A.O. Boulder
-Honey Go Go

Harpers Ferry
-Bouldering at Elk Ridge (WV side)
-Bouldering in Harpers Ferry MD-WV-VA
-Harpers Ferry- Elk Ridge Moderates
-New Dawn
-Three Balcony Rock Boulder Problems

High Ridge
-High Ridge Boulders
-New Eyes & Old Knees

Kelbel's Krag
-Kelbel's Krag

Loch Raven
-Adidas and LT Traverse

Morgan Run
-Batman, Tighten Up, Beach Day
-Crystal Crimps
-Double Helix Fibers (by John Brunson)
-Double Helix Fibers (by Mark Profeta)
-Galt Line Highballs
-Klingon SDS
-Klingon and Cutting Edge
-Portenos Go Home
-Separation Anxiety SDS
-Streamside Boulders
-Tale of Two Traverses
-Tighten Up
-Two From Morgan Run

Murray Hill
-Murray Hill Bouldering
-Sending "Excavation Project"  (a.k.a. Pouncing Puma)
-Sending "Full Value Project" (a.k.a. Southtown Girls)
-Sending "Kumkwats" Variation
-Sending "Platform Project" (a.k.a. The Platform)
-Sending "Platform Project Sit" (a.k.a. One Issue Voter)

Northwest Branch
-Anklebiter Further Left
-Another Low Traverse (low traverse on Tick Boulder)
-Bouldering in Northwest Branch (4 problems)
-Climbing Silverspring
-Crimptastic Sit
-Funky Maryland (Dont Fall Right, Hobo Cave, The Tick Dyno, Maui, Unknown)
-My Daily Days (assorted problems from NWB and Coopers Rock)
-Nice Slot
-Northwest Branch (with 19 problems shown, this is the most complete video documentation to date)
-Northwest Branch Bouldering (Suspended Disbelief, Nice Slot, Unknown)
-Northwest Branch Bouldering (11 problems)
-Northwest Branch Bouldering 2 (Kiss the Prow, Suspended Believe, Bloody Buddy, The Traverse, Tick Traverse)
-Northwest Branch 3
-Northwest Branch Trailer
-Outside the Box (2 low traverses on the Tick boulder)
-Philosopher's Hangout (and repeated)
-Secret Garden
-Snowflake Dyno
-Tick Traverse
-Unknown Problem
-Working Chaos Roof and The Business
-5 Classic Traverses
-And for a completely different look at NWB, click here for post-hurricane kayaking.  Insane!

Patapsco- Levitation
-Fat Man (right exit)
-Fat Man Arete
-Mulligan Flash
-Mulligan Flash (uncut)
-Sending "Fat Man Project"
-Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
-"Ugly Duckling Project"

Patapsco- The Nest
-Crescent Moons Left and Dan's RightCrescent Moons a.k.a Central Dihedral
-Dan's Right and Crescent Moons Left-  Crescent Moons a.k.a Central Dihedral
-Joel_River Road- Crescent Moons (a.k.a. Central Dihedral)
-JonJon River Rd. Bouldering- Traverse variations on "Nest D" boulder
-Mushroom Top and Pot Belly
-Prescription Strength Growacet
-Shark Fin- a.k.a Sharkie
-Sykesville Bouldering- The Nest
-Ticky Tac
-2 Pocket

Patapsco- Uncategorized
-Black Arrow
-Black Arrow (SA)
-Dragon's Arete
-Riot Time
-Tattooed and Weeded

Rock Creek Park (Washington DC)
-3 From Rock Creek
-Four More from Rock Creek

Rocks State Park
-Bat Shit Crack
-Four From Rocks (Truck Driver, Truck Driver Right, Moby Dick, Moby Right)
-Jason's Roof
-Moby Dick- Stand Start
-Rocks State Bouldering (Blue Crab, Truck Driver, Moby Dick (stand), Ball's Out)
-Tim Rose on Bat Shit Crack
-Trailer Boulder and Blue Crab

Sugarloaf Mountain
-More Sugarloaf Bouldering
-Potomac Overlook
-Reawakening and Comatorium
-Second Hand Smoke
-Sugarloaf Mountain Bouldering
-Sugarloaf Mountain, MD Bouldering

Woodstock Rock
-The Cave
-Revisiting a Local Crag-Assorted problems including some fantastic footage of the cave
-Woodstock Problem
-Woodstock Problem
-Woodstock Problem Sit

And Some With Ropes
-Climb Maryland: A Time-Lapse View
-Dirty Crack- An embarrassingly slow lead at Northwest Branch
-Pillar Project at Sugarloaf Mountain

Locals on the road
-Climb Through It- Maryland climbers in Hueco
-This is the Life- Beautiful boulders on a family vacation to Virgin Gorda
-Yosemite Survival Guide


Brian said...

One of my favorites - "Jason Kehl Revisits Rocks State Park, MD"
(Might be paywalled)

Robin said...

Yeah, looks like that's subscription only now, which is ironic coming from a magazine that got big because it was free. I guess I could swing the $12 now that there are so many "premium" videos I want to watch. Too bad though, since it's such an awesome video, and the only footage I've seen of the full Moby Dick line.

Anonymous said...

Here is a working, free link to "Jason Kehl Revisits Rocks State Park, MD":

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