Friday, February 12, 2016

Catoctin bouldering update

*UPDATE 6/2016- Catoctin is officially open to bouldering again!  This post being kept up as a reminder to appreciate the access that we have, and to use our climbing areas responsibly.

A while back, my friends at Mid Atlantic Climbers put out a statement about the current bouldering prohibition at Catoctin Mountain Park.  While they continue to work hard toward securing access, today they posted an update reminding local climbers that Catoctin bouldering is still off limits.  I understand that the climbing there is great, and I'm certainly looking forward to checking it out myself when it's legal again, but I'd like to echo their reminder that climbing there in the meantime will only hurt those efforts.  Contrary to old opinions about our little state, Maryland has more than enough rock to keep us busy for a lifetime even if the currently closed areas are never reopened, including several lines that remain unclimbed or unrepeated.  If you're going to a closed area because you feel like that's your only option for climbing at your limit, let me know and I'd be happy to help steer you toward something equally worthy of your time.

Thanks again to Mid Atlantic Climbers for everything you do!

Edit 2/13/16- Here's a map of the area showing exactly where the park borders are.  Catoctin is closed, while the other public lands remain open to climbing.

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