Thursday, January 6, 2011

Northwest Branch- Crack Line Boulder

While the Crack Line boulder isn't the first one you come to on the trail from the parking lot, it's the first one I remember getting on at Northwest Branch.  Walk past the Tulip Boulder from the parking lot, and shortly after you'll see Crack Line up the hill on the left.  Click here for a handy map.

Crack Line Boulder (explanation of number symbols here)

The Crack Line boulder has 4 established problems, with the first three all starting on the same hold:

1.  Crack Line (V2):  In my opinion, the most fun problem on the boulder.  Start low on large holds in the crack, and traverse up and right, finishing upward when you reach a sidepull and sloper.

2.  Gateway Jugs (V0-):  A good first problem for new climbers.  Start on the same large hold and pull straight up through good holds.  Afternoon sun shining right in your eyes can make this problem harder at times.

3.  Fine Heroin Line (V5):  While I'm not a huge fan of eliminates, some people like this one.  From the start, move up to a pinch, then out right to a finger crack.  Move across to the right to finish.

4.  Dredges of Society (V3):  Start low under the overhang and squeeze your way up both sides.


Anonymous said...

Crack Line is sandbagged...way harder than V2.

Anonymous said...

agreed with above comment... i was thinking hard v3 or v4

Robin said...

Yeah I guess it is a bit harder than the other V2 problems at NWB. Maybe it just evens out the ultrasoft grading of River Dyno Direct? If it's any consolation, there was a V1 in Yosemite that I couldn't even start last week.

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