Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bushwhack and Sugarloaf videos

It's been a busy couple weeks, but with spring break here and a bit of rain keeping me indoors, I figured it was a great time for an update.  The last couple weeks have been mainly geared toward routes, with a few trips to Ilchester, a couple to Bushwhack and Woodstock, and Sugarloaf yesterday.  The last two Bushwhack visits have been particularly fun, with two newly cleaned areas providing several new routes, and two fun variations of Tourette's Razor sent.  Will post in more detail once I have the photos together, but for now here's a video of me on Tourette's Tantrum, a more dynamic but also more finger-friendly left variation established by Vincent Faires.

Yesterday's trip to Sugarloaf was short, but lots of fun.  After walking around the Devil's Kitchen area for a bit, Emily and I headed up to climb A Flake Called Lee, and then checked out a boulder near the main parking lot.  A couple of the holds definitely had chalk on them, so I'd love to find out what it was, as well as what else is in the area.


Shawn Seifert said...

I like the arĂȘte. Looks awesome!

Robin said...

I was just looking at Sugarloaf Mountain info on rockclimbing.com and I think the problem I did might have been Second Hand Smoke (V2) on the Humphrys boulder. Not sure about the sidepull pocket that's mentioned, but the rest of the description sounds right on.

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