Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video links- Locals on the road

It's a rainy Wednesday here in Maryland, and it looks like we're not alone.  Need a mental escape from the wetness?  Shawn Seifert, local nurse anesthetist, climber, and proud father, has recently ventured deeper into the world of film making.  Although he has made several short videos highlighting various boulder problems both in Maryland and elsewhere, including one that's currently the most extensive video documentation of Northwest Branch, Shawn has moved beyond pure climbing shots to immerse us in his two most recent trips.

Climb Through It follows Shawn and a group of other local climbers to Hueco Tanks, confronted by the reality that many climbers perpetually have injuries of some sort, but still knocking out several awesome problems along the way.  While I've watched many videos about Hueco, it's refreshing to see one that focuses on problems that are within the capability of the average viewer, and this video made me want to take a trip there more than ever.

This is the Life leaves the desert behind, taking us to the beaches and forests of Virgin Gorda.  Perfect boulders and striking scenery are complemented by scenes of family fun, illustrating the film's tagline that "traveling without family is like climbing without the topout."

For more of Shawn's videos be sure to check out his Vimeo channel.

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