Friday, August 17, 2012

Bushwhack Revisited

I've had a great few days of bouldering this week out in the Frederick area, mostly on new stuff, but yesterday started itching for a visit to Bushwhack Rocks.  Even with a humid temperature of 90+ degrees providing less than optimal sending conditions, it turned out to be one of the best climbing days I've had all summer.  Whether it was the relative solitude or the feel of familiar rock under my hands, it felt great to be back.  I only say "relative" solitude because, to be totally fair, there were others out enjoying the rock too...

After a quick walk around, I decided to warm up on the beautiful compression lines of the Stunk! Boulder, going from the stand start a few times before moving on to the crouch.  While I haven't really worked on the full sit start to the boulder yet, it's high on my list of winter projects.

I then went over to start working out the sequence for Constructive Winter, which I had intended to be another winter project.  Conditions couldn't have been more different than when Brian established it back in February, but I was surprised at how quickly I went through it.  After figuring out the individual moves, I was able to send it on the third full attempt.

Still having a good bit of energy left, I went up for a nostalgic run up Tourette's Razor, the first problem  I ever did at Bushwhack and still one of my favorites.  I then headed back to work on Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, which I had failed to send on a previous visit with Brian, during which we had later put up Westermarck Effect.  This time seemed equally hopeless until I applied the same technique that has gotten me through so many other bouldering problems in the last several months: climb it like a crack.  Realizing that the bump I was pressing my toe against had a slight protrusion above, I switched to smearing and torquing the edge of my shoe into the angle, and suddenly had a secure platform from which to make the move.  From there it was just a matter of controlling the slopers to move through the topout, which was far easier than the initial move.

It felt great to already send two of the problems I had intended to get on a few months from now, and it really left me with awesome feeling about this coming winter.  In the meantime, here's a bit of video from yesterday's fun...

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