Saturday, November 3, 2012

Murray Hill post-hurricane

Today I went out for a quick scouting trip to Murray Hill to assess the storm damage, and found that it had taken a little more of a beating than I'd anticipated.  The boulders themselves were all in good shape, but some of the lower landings had been a bit rearranged... in addition to the platform under the Aquaman boulder being washed away, the large tree that used to be along the bank near the South boulder had rotated 90 degrees to leave the end resting against the base of Cut Bank.  Fortunately I remembered to charge my camera before I left home.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put it in my bag!

I didn't climb anything too hard today, but did get on Amnesia since my back hadn't been feeling up to it when I was there in June.  Such fun crystals!  I also did the undercling start to Swiping Slopers, which I liked as much as the original problem.

Honestly my favorite part was just sitting on my pad by the river, listening to the now gentle flow around the rocks and amazed that the same water had been so powerful just a few days beforehand.  Let's hope things will stay this calm for a while!

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Nancy said...

So glad the damage wasn't too bad where you live...we haven't checked the shoreline here yet, but can only imagine it's radically changed as Lake Erie had recorded waves of 20 ft! Glad you're all well...

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