Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Changing season, changing focus

First day of spring!  It's been coming for a while though, and even though the equinox never has the same significance to me as a solstice, this year it comes as a useful reminder to leave winter behind.  Specifically, those climbs that I picked as long-term winter projects that remain unfinished.

It's hard to say whether I would have finished them had I not spent the second half of winter injured, and it doesn't really matter since I know they'll be out there waiting for me when I'm ready.  But right now they're a liability.  In finally getting back outside last weekend, I opted to get right back on my projects instead of going for a more gradual recovery.  The reason was simple... In my head they were winter projects, and winter was running out.

A couple days of that was enough to realize I was putting myself down the road to re-injury, so it's time to put those projects to rest.  As we start a new season, I move forward with the simple goal of recovery, aiming to be strong and healthy for whatever comes my way this summer.  Whether that's on familiar climbs or new ground, more than anything I'm looking forward to making that recovery on good rock with good people.  Maybe I should keep all of my goals that simple!

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