Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Northwest Branch graffiti removal

It's an unfortunate fact that all but the most out of the way climbing spots in our area have at least a small amount of graffiti.  It's impact goes beyond the visual, as it also reduces the texture of the rock and makes certain holds virtually unusable.  Equally problematic has been the well-meant efforts by community members to combat graffiti problems by covering it with a thick coating of neutral grey paint.  The face pictured above is now almost entirely coated in grey, turning it from one of my favorite spots for a solo session to a boulder that I almost never visit.

Fortunately for us, the Mid Atlantic Climbers are stepping up to do something about it, and they need our help.  After successful graffiti removal this past year at Rocks State Park, Ilchester, Carderock, Sugarloaf, and Northwest Branch, they've decided to form a graffiti response team specifically to address NWB's continuing problems.  If you're willing to volunteer a few hours to help out our beloved local playground, MAC will provide all training and materials needed.  With consistent attention to this issue, we can not only reclaim some of our old favorite climbs, but also continue to send the message that our rocks are not an appropriate canvas for others' artistic endeavors.

Interested in lending a hand?  Email them at info@midatlanticclimbers.org and they'll hook you up with the details.

A big thanks to the Mid Atlantic Climbers for being on top of this!

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Mike Bowsher said...

Nice work, hope to see a lot of this happening all over soon!

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