Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slab school

It's funny to think that I was comfortably wearing shorts yesterday when the lake looked like this.

A great day for Emily and me to take a walk and give her some practice with her new camera, and this guy was really good about posing for us.

The rest of the day was just as nice.  After meeting up with some old friends at McGinty's, we checked out the new White Oak Tavern for some pretty outstanding burgers.  I also discovered my new favorite double IPA, the Victory Hop Ranch, which edged out the Firestone Double Jack that previously held the top spot.  Still, I have to make sure, so we're about to head back for a side by side tasting.

Today we took advantage of another warm day with a few hours at Northwest Branch.  I did a few of my favorites including Fin low start, River Dyno Direct, Slingsby's Arete, and Crimps (minus the top out because I didn't care that much), and Emily worked on Santero.  My favorite part of the day was actually playing on the slab above Santero, and later the slab on the Crack Line boulder.  It's rare enough that Emily gets out with me, and she hasn't ever gotten the chance to do any pure friction climbing, so this was the perfect opportunity to start working on her smearing skills.  She was a natural at it though, especially mentally, and I'm more than excited to have someone else to share my low angle adventures with.

Get out there before the snow comes back!

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