Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring break!

A couple days left of spring break for me, and it's been a great one.  Last Friday I finally made it down to Baja to visit my sister in Los Barriles.  Something I've been meaning to do for a while, and probably would have done sooner if I'd known about the ridiculous amounts of smoked fish and amazing chocolate waiting for me. Seriously, the things coming out of the tiny Charlie's Chocolate shop might be the best I've ever had.  Even Emily said they were the best, and that's coming from someone who lived in Belgium for a while.

Oh, and my sister got married, which was pretty cool too.

I got an awesome new big brother out of the deal...

and my mom didn't even have to miss any training time.

The weather has been perfect since we got back, though at first I was less able to take advantage of it than I'd hoped.  After being less diligent than I should have been about "don't drink the water" in Mexico, I was equally careless about "don't eat expired food" when I got home, and am still feeling the effects.

I did manage to get out on Friday for a bit though, and went to Rocks State Park with enough energy to do the Right Cross Problem.

Yesterday I went out to Bushwhack with Jsun and Rachel, who had never gotten out there before.  We threw up a rope on The Way Life Should Be, still one of my favorite short routes out there.

While Rachel worked on gear placement for a while, I stepped away to join Charlie over on his project for the day.  It's hard to really get the full perspective from these photos, but it was scary even to watch him, especially when he spent a good minute shaking out before making a committing move over horrible talus.

The rest of us did Short But Sassy, which I've never actually seen dry, then pulled the rope and moved  down so I could try my own project on toprope.  It's going to be scary over pads, but at least now I know there are holds there, and the sequence is about as dialed as it's going to be.  After that we made a brief stop at the Tourette's boulder, which unfortunately Jsun was too full of Oreos to do much on.

Weather looks good for tomorrow, and also promising for Rockfest next weekend.  Can't believe it's almost here, but should be great time.

Happy Easter!

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