Monday, May 19, 2014

Breaking the Gretna seal

Can't believe how sore I am today.

Last week I saw this video, and decided it was time I finally got up to Gretna.

Yesterday I made the trip, taking advantage of the high 60s temps to get on some of the harder boulders before the summer heat came back.  Although I only saw a fraction of what it had to offer, Gretna was totally worth the hype I've heard about it, and The Squeak was as fun to work on as I'd expected.

Mark Profeta demonstrating his levitation beta
It's about as pure a footwork problem as I've ever seen, traversing right on smears for several feet before making a few thin steps up and left to set up a throw for a good flake.  After working on it for a while, I had everything up to the throw pretty much wired, but never was able to stick that move.  

Eventually (and after a nasty backflop that snapped my neck back and sent my glasses flying) I gave up and went to check out The Islander with everyone else.  I gave that a couple half-hearted burns, still shaking off my fall more than I realized at the time.

I stopped at The Squeak one more time on the way out, hoping the falling temperature would make a difference.  Still no luck, but I made a couple small refinements that brought me close, and am pretty sure I can finish it if I go back with fresh skin and full energy.  Now it's just a matter of finding a cool enough day, which could very well mean waiting until after summer.

Not sure how it's taken me so long to visit this place, but can't wait to go back!

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