Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coopers Rock Climb-a-thon 2014

This Saturday (7/26), the Coopers Rock Climbing Guides will be hosting their 3rd annual climb-a-thon event, and I'm getting more excited by the day.  As much time as I've spent bouldering at Coopers, I've always thought the longer routes looked really fun, but have never managed to get out there with a rope to give them a try.  With the CRCG setting up 35+ topropes this weekend, and 3 hours to climb as many routes as I can, I plan to make the most of my time!  Even better, the event is a fundraiser for Paradox Sports, an organization that has been a leader over the past several years in the area of adaptive athletics.  As a climber and a special ed teacher, it's been inspiring to me to see how Paradox and other organizations have been able to adapt outdoor technology and instruction to make these activities accessible to everyone, including a growing number of competitive paraclimbing events.  As for the time I've spent climbing alongside some of these athletes?  I'm not sure that inspiring is a strong enough word.

Want to help me support the great work that Paradox is doing?  Click here to check out my fundraising page.  My registration fee goes to the Coopers Rock Foundation, and all additional donations go directly to Paradox, so every bit helps.  To make things really simple, there's no paying me for every climb I complete, or every vertical foot I travel.  It's just a flat donation, and one that you'll make knowing that I'll be spending that three hours climbing my butt off.  And if it rains?  Assuming they don't move it to the rain date (tbd), I'll spend that three hours climbing my butt off on wet rock.  And if they move it?  I'll go back out and... well you get the idea.

Here's that fundraiser page again.

A huge thanks to those who have donated already!

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