Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Friday at Bushwhack

After a month away from rock, I was excited for a couple days of warm weather, and a chance to get out to Bushwhack for the first time in a while.  I was even more excited to bring Michael Kelliher with me, back in the area after a few years of living in CO.  He had visited Bushwhack with me once in December three years ago, but since that was before most of the good boulders had been done there, he had a lot to catch up on.

I put him on Tauntaun Sleeping Bag to warm up, and he got it second go after barely missing it the first time.

Next we went up to Constructive Winter, which he also got second try, though we skipped the topout due to the three large vultures sitting on the descent.  Charlie joined us there, and since he had wanted to take a shot at Dead Soul, we headed over to the Tourette's boulder.  Unfortunately that was wet, but Michael onsighted the double toehook start to Tourette's Razor, and I was happy to find that the stretching I've done in the past couple months finally got me flexible enough to do it too.

Wanting to put in some time on one of my new projects, which even Charlie hadn't seen yet, we went down the hill to this...

It's really only a few moves, but they're long and balancy moves on glassy holds.  Originally thinking we had to match the bad sloper and throw for a slot straight up, things changed when Charlie found a crimp out left that would still be a bit low percentage, but would at least save us a step or two.  Eventually Michael stuck it and the following move to the lip, and even though Charlie and I didn't follow up with sends of our own, it was really exciting to see it go down.

Charlie had to head out after that, but Michael wanted to try Stink, Stank, Stunk on the way out, and he finished it faster than I've ever seen (five tries I think), and then made quick work of You're Doing it Wrong. Good thing we still have so much more rock to get him on.

Sunny and in the 50s again tomorrow, and planning to get an early start for Gretna.  I love winter break in MD!

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