Friday, July 24, 2015

Training weight

As far as I was concerned, the three week road trip I was just on was supposed to be a rest period. Sure, I would probably do some climbing and hiking, but I went out with few actual objectives in mind.

Mainly I was looking at it as a chance to rest my finger, which had started to nag at me in the time leading up the trip.  With those three weeks of rest, it would be healthy enough for me to start hangboarding once I got back, on top of resuming the heavy schedule of lifting, cardio, and climbing that had filled my first week of summer break.  When the cool bouldering temps of Fall arrived, I would be strong and ready to make the most of them.

As planned, the finger is feeling pretty good, and I was able to start hangboarding yesterday.  Even better, my three weeks of concentrated brewery visits as I sat out rainstorms left me with an extra five pounds of training weight.  I felt it for sure this morning as I did my first post-vaction core workout, and I know I'll feel a difference in a little bit when I'm on the treadmill.

For all the money I spent on beer, I could have bought myself a weight vest to put on and take off at will, but that would have been way less fun.

Three weeks of summer break left, and whether that training weight comes off or stays on, I know I'll be stronger for working through it.

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