Sunday, February 21, 2016

GS slabs and slopers

I can't remember the last time I was this sore from a day of climbing.  That's a good thing though. Better to wake up sore than wonder if I really climbed hard enough to justify the drive.

Yesterday a few of us went up to Governor Stable to take advantage of some gorgeous mini-spring weather, making it my first visit there in almost a year, and my first since the South Central Pennsylvania Climbers have stepped up to manage access to the area.  Excited to see the place in such good hands!

The biggest thing on my list yesterday was trying No Moss, which I remembered looking at years ago before I had the crimp strength to start it.  Now the crimp strength is there, but I was reminded pretty quickly that I've spent minimal time on hard slopers in the last year.  Not wanting to burn all of my energy at the beginning of the day, Mark and I moved up to the Breadloaf area where I ran through a few of the boulders I'd done on my last visit, and blew a foot off Doughboy after eating one too many cookies.

Mark lining up on Doughboy
After Mark made quick work of Party Hardy, we went over toward Juggernaut so he and Dana could get on Huck N Hard.

Dana working Huck N Hard
Meanwhile I got absorbed in the slab below, quickly finishing Pimp Smack before throwing myself at Simon for the rest of the day.  I was too tired to get it by the time I dialed in my beta, but am looking forward to getting on it again when I'm fresh.

Katelyn pulling slopers on Simon
It's easy to get frustrated when I walk away without finishing the climbs I wanted to.  A couple weeks ago I had an afternoon at Northwest Branch where my inability to hold on to a move sent me down a spiral of negative self-talk, and it wasn't until hours later that I was able to remind myself that sometimes we just have bad days.

Yesterday it was easier.  I fell a lot, but I was falling on holds I wasn't used to.  The fact that I was working hard slopers for hours without finger pain was exciting enough, and realizing that I can now re-learn how to move on them opens up a whole range of climbs that I've shied away from for the last year.

It was also exciting to realize that the things that would have helped me yesterday are things I'm already working on.  Between wishing I had more lockoff and pure pulling strength, and finding that I needed to be able to step my foot just a little bit higher, it gave me that much more motivation to continue the stretching and shoulder and core work I've already been doing.  Now let's just hope the snow stays away so I can put it all to good use!

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