Thursday, November 17, 2016

Foam Pit fun

Sometimes you just have to get it while it's there.

On Sunday after finishing our ROCK Project volunteer work at Northwest Branch, I noticed the water level was low enough to leave the Foam Pit area across from Chaos Roof totally dry, something I hadn't seen happen for years.  The last time I saw it that way, I had worked on Frappuccino Traverse, but hadn't taken a shot at either Theater Kids or Crystal Tips, or at the nearby slab.  And that slab had been calling me for way too long.

Wanting to take the opportunity to climb it while it was dry, but still wanting to make it back across the river in time to help with Chris's beginner clinic, we rushed over and got to work.  Rob worked on piecing Frappuccino Traverse together...

Meanwhile Taimur, Taylor and I worked on the slab.  Known back in the day as Moss Slab, using the corner crack to climb the right side of the river-polished face, we were aiming for a crack-free version starting from a shallow left pinch and sloping right edge, with feet stemming between the large right pedestal and a glassy left chip.  Taimur was the first to knock it out, pinching his way up bad crystals and dubbing the new variation Joes to Pros, with Taylor and me quickly following suit.

I was back out the next day with Avi, intending to get on Crystal Tips, but instead deciding to see if I could start Joes to Pros with feet on the face only rather than stemming off the right pedestal.  We had just enough daylight to figure out what needed to be done, but not nearly enough energy to do it.

Today, with the beta fresh in my mind and another perfect afternoon under yellow leaves in store, I went back down to see if I could finish it up.  I did, and with skin to spare for Saturday's bouldering comp at Gretna.  It's nice when things work out.

Having trouble getting the video to upload, but you can check it out on Instagram here.

Looks like good weather for a few more days... get out there!

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