Sunday, January 9, 2011

Northwest Branch- Trailside (a.k.a. Riverside) boulder

Just uphill from Chaos Roof at Northwest Branch is the Trailside boulder (map).  Most of the problems on this boulder are characterized by difficult core-intensive first move, followed by a bit of a gimme finish.  With a flat landing, it's another place I feel comfortable bouldering by myself, so it tends to be part of my regular circuit.  Since all of the intersecting problems can get a bit confusing, I've marked the numbers at both the beginning and end of each:

Trailside Boulder (explanation of number symbols here)

1.  River Dyno (V6):  Not really a dyno as far as I can tell, but move from a left sidepull and right gaston up to the large jug in the center, with an easy finish up and left on jugs.  I accidentally broke off the starting foothold I had been using a couple months ago, but have since found an alternate foot placement that still allows an almost static first move.

1a.  River Dyno Direct  (V8): Same as River Dyno, but finish straight up on slopers instead of moving left to the jugs.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, because the hardest move remains the V6 start.  Still fun.  Done as a sit start with a lower left hand, it becomes V9.

2.  The Fin (V2):  Jump to jugs on the right side, traverse left, and finish on River Dyno.  Great holds and enjoyable movement, though sometimes intimidating to newer climbers.  Also fun to move back up and right across jugs for a lower finish.

2a.  The Fin Low-Start (V7): Starting on small holds below the jugs, climb into The Fin and finish the same as River Dyno Direct.  Not sure how this same finish brings The Fin from a V2 to a V7 when it brings River Dyno from a V6 to a V8, but I guess it just shows that ratings aren't any more consistent outside than inside.  No matter what the rating, the problem itself is really good.

Lesson learned from the Trailside boulder:  Ignore the numbers and enjoy the climbs!

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cadaverchris said...

I seem to remember there was a stand start just under the major jug that all these routes cross. just another option to increase difficulty/variety.

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