Saturday, February 12, 2011

Northwest Branch- Roof Area

The Roof Area at Northwest Branch is located almost directly across the river from the main parking lot (see map).  It has several good lines on the three main boulders, though landings can be a bit dangerous so pads and spotters are highly recommended.

The most direct way to reach the area is to hop across the rocks just above the small waterfall.  A slightly longer, but safer approach is to walk back to the road, cross the river on the nice sidewalk, then turn back into the woods near the pipeline.  There is usually a wooden beam crossing the steep stream bed, connecting to a path that goes downriver.  Follow this until you're directly across from the parking lot and walk down the hill to the boulders.

The largest of these, the Big Roof Boulder has four great problems, and the smaller boulders at the base have a couple as well.

Big Roof Boulder (explanation of number symbols here)
1.  Crimptastic (V3):  Climb the crimps straight up.  Sharp but good.

2.  Crimptastic Sit (V6?):  Start low and right on a jug, and adds a few fun moves to link into Crimptastic, then top out the same.  Fun movement, but not easy on fingertips.

3.  Denim Devil (V0):  An arete that turns into a crack.  How often do you see that?

4.  Do It Or... Better Do It (V1):  Climb the slab up to the cracks in the roof, out to a dish on the lip, and top out through jugs.  See the boulder at the base?  See the name of the problem?  Guessing they're related...

Block Boulder (explanation of number symbols here)
5.  Give Me Lip (V7?):  Start far left on the lip and use it to traverse right into the face with Short But Sweet.  Then, no longer using the lip, link into Short But Sweet for the finish.

5a.  Give Me Thin Lips (?):  Same as above, but finish straight up after reaching the face, rather than continuing right for the linkup.

6.  Short But Sweet (V2):  Starting on low crimps, move up through good holds in the crack for the topout.  Arete is off.

6a.  Short And Easy (V0):  Same as above, but arete is on.

The Business Boulder (explanation of number symbols here)
7.  The Business (V6):  Start low on good underclings and climb out the arete through fun slopers.  Hard!  A fall into the rocky pit below would be pretty bad, but someone very helpfully built a platform for crashpads.  While it's definitely not the best example of leaving no trace, I'll admit I felt a lot safer with a stable pad under me!  See below for a closeup of the landing area...


cadaverchris said...

I think using drift wood in an area that floods out pretty regularly is still pretty low impact.

Robin said...

True. It'll all just end up in the pile down by Dirty Ernie anyway. Went down there yesterday and found out how much fun it is to walk down a pile of icy driftwood. Couldn't decide if it was safer to leave the way I came in or just throw my pad on my back and climb back out to the Tick!

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