Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Ridge Bouldering site

After so recently seeing the fantastic Rocks bouldering guide from Justin of Crank Climbing, as well as drafts for two other Maryland areas, I was happy to get an email about some new documentation in Virginia.  This most recent info came from Brendan Condron, who I had the good fortune to meet last year as I tried to find my way around the boulders of Old Rag.

If Maryland's bouldering is spread out and tricky to navigate, Virginia's is even more so.  When he's not out crushing pebbles, Brendan has been hard at work putting out mini-guides for his part of the Commonwealth, uploading them to his new Blue Ridge Bouldering site.  So far he has three guides uploaded and more in the works, and would love to hear from anyone who could help document other Blue Ridge areas.  He also set up a twitter feed for anyone interested in getting updates on the site.

Can't wait to get down and check some of this stuff out!

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Brendan said...

Hey, thanks again for the post! If someone would like to contact me, they can do so through my email (brendan@blueridgebouldering.com) or the website twitter (@BRPbouldering). I'd definitely be psyched to have more people bouldering on the parkway!

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