Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rocks State Park mini-guide

I was psyched to hear from Justin Meserve a couple weeks ago that he had finished the bouldering mini-guide for Rocks State Park that he had been working on.  While mostly known for some of Maryland's taller routes, Rocks has far more bouldering than is generally realized.  Having been on a few of the classics and at least walked by the others, I'm looking forward to getting back up there soon to check more of them out.

The mini-guide is currently available for download on MDGuides, along with a few videos from the area. Keep an eye out for more local mini-guides coming soon!

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Justin Meserve said...

Most of credit goes to my close friend Tylor Streett and my brother Dane. They did a lot of the legwork in finding some of the lesser documented boulders and proofreading. I'm just the formatter and grade confirmer (and even that needs work!) Come visit all of us over on Crank Climbing on Facebook.

Many thanks to all the others that helped directly and indirectly as well, I'd like to name you all but I know I'd leave someone out.


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