Sunday, November 2, 2014

Windy Sunday

First really cold climbing day of the season, and the wind above Frederick was no joke.  Our day started with a highball flake problem that we'd visited once last year, the same one that Dan had topped out to find a timber rattler waiting for him.  Jon still wanted to finish it after taking a pretty intense fall from it last time, and he got it with no problem today.  And of course Charlie made quick work of it.

I skipped that one in favor of heading down the trail to another cluster of rock, wanting to take a shot at a fun looking compression problem I'd seen before.  Although it's not that tall, the rocky drop off behind the pads makes it feel way more exposed.  After chickening out toward the top, I told Charlie to go ahead and flash it, then got it on the next go.

                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Charlie Garcia
That one turned out to be pretty easy, but there was a stupidly hard compression line nearby that I'd love to go back and flail on.

Our next stop fell through due to logistical reasons, but Bryan and I got in a couple more good hours of bouldering back in Columbia at the Eden Brook boulder.  Tuesday Trivia kicked my butt as usual.  At least I came closer this time, and should be able to repeat it soon now that I've figured out the nuances again.  Bryan also found a fun sequence of his own to work, which will be a great addition to the usual circuit of problems there.

Not sure where I'm climbing on Tuesday yet, but with the day off work for the election, I'm sure I'll find something fun to do.

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