Monday, January 17, 2011


Since I "officially" announced this blog today, I thought I'd take a moment to give a brief welcome to everyone who hasn't already been helping me tweak things over the past few weeks. 

For anyone interested in seeing how this originated, the first post talked a little about the reasoning behind the blog, and what I wanted to accomplish in writing it.  Those goals are also explained a little more in the "about" page, which can be accessed at any time via the tabs at the top of the blog.  You'll also see another tab for a page discussing the rating symbols I've used to number the problems in the pictures of various boulders.

Please be aware that all posts are shown in shortened form to reduce clutter on the page.  For example,  immediately below this line you'll see the words "click here for full post."  Go ahead and click that.

Excellent.  Just remember to do that on all of the posts, in order to get the most information from each.

If you go all the way back to the second and third posts, you can see some of my vacation photos from the last year.  If you want to skip straight to the local bouldering, the Northwest Branch overview post gives a description of that area, and most of the posts after that talk about individual boulders or areas within Northwest Branch.  I'll continue to post information about NWB as time allows, and will eventually start putting up info about other local areas as well.

From time to time, I'll also be posting about other trips I take (climbing and non-climbing alike), and may post theraputic rants such as this one, if the mood strikes.

On the right side of the page, you'll see the archives of posts I've already published, as well as a list of labels that I've applied to each post.  For example, clicking on the "Northwest Branch Areas" label will bring up a list of all posts dealing with that subject.  I'll eventually be adding a search bar to the top as well, but right now the blog hasn't been public for long enough, and searches would just come back empty anyway.

I think that's it!  Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to make this information easier to use, and thanks for stopping by!

Even the bugs are doing it

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