Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Northwest Branch- Gumdrop and Floating Pyramid Boulders

Two of the easier boulders at Northwest Branch are the Gumdrop and Floating Pyramid boulders.  As you walk down the trail (map), you'll pass the Crack Line boulder on the left, and see the Gumdrop boulders on the left shortly afterward.

Gumdrop Boulders (explanation of number symbols here)
1.  The Gumdrop Twins (V1):  Starting on the left boulder, traverse to the right boulder and finish straight up.

2.  Gumdrop Right (V2):  Start sitting in front of the right boulder, with your left hand low on the arete and right hand on a crimp.  Finish straight up.

Walk a little further down the trail and you'll see the Floating Pyramid on the left. 

Floating Pyramid (explanation of number symbols here)
1.  The Floating Pyramid (V0+):  Move straight up the center of the slab without using the aretes.  Or use them if it makes you happy.  Just watch the nasty pointy rock on the right side of your landing area!

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