Saturday, October 1, 2011

New chalk bags too!

Another rainy weekend, but made it down to Northwest Branch for a couple hours yesterday after work.  Maybe it was the cooler temperatures, or maybe all the system board training I've been doing, but it went MUCH better than my last visit!  Although I didn't work on any projects as originally planned, it felt good to finish three of my favorites (Snowflake Traverse Variation, Mikey Likes It, and The Traverse) in a single try each.  I also had an awesome time hanging out with a couple that were bouldering on the Floating Pyramid when I got there, and joined me when I crossed the river to play on The Tick.  ***And if you two are reading this, the email you sent me unfortunately didn't come through, so here's the address if you want to try again***

The day was also exciting because it was my first opportunity to get out and dirty up my new chalk bags, which until then had been relegated to gym duty.  Made by the crew at Asana Climbing to match my awesome crash pad, they feature miniature versions of the patch designed by the talented Erin O'Brien and embroidered by the good folks at Custom Patches.

The Community Bucket features a huge interior with a comfortable fleece lining, a water resistant bottom, brush holder, and durable carry loop.  The roomy zipper pocket on the side was perfect for storing my keys, as I've recently been reminded that falling with objects in my pocket (especially keys and cameras) rarely ends well.  All of this topped off with a brilliant dual-closure system, utilizing both a drawstring and a zipper to prevent spillage.

The Biggie bag, while at first glance too bulky to be comfortably worn while climbing, has turned out to be the best chalk bag I've ever used.  No more fumbling to get my hand through a narrow opening, just an effortless entry into fleece-lined happiness.  I'd actually never realized how much energy I'd expended just in the simple act of chalking up, but even one less moment spent hanging off terrible holds can make all the difference.  Maybe it's all psychological, but I honestly feel like I've been climbing harder since I've been using it.

A huge thanks once again to Erin, to Adam Healy and everyone else at Asana, and to Custom Patches.  I love my new toys!


Shawn Seifert said...

I was there on Saturday. Did a new boulder across the stream closer to the road than the Big Roof with a huge start feature. Very fun. And seshed on Secret Garden. Did a variation of Crimptastic and got some good video. 14 problems on vid so far.

Robin said...

Wow, you like spending time on nasty crimps! So was the other boulder the Business or something even closer to the road? Glad had a good day out there, and curious to see the Crimptastic variation. Let me know when you get that video edited. Wouldn't mind putting up a link to it when you get it posted.

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